Learn techniques to help your dog adjust to their new life!

Please keep in mind that your new family member will need to decompress when you bring them home!

Decompression is a calming period that helps your dog adjust to a new environment, people, and other pets. The average decompression time is about 2 weeks, but this differs for every dog.

Dogs should first meet on leashes and be walked together unable to touch each other. Keeping dogs in separate rooms and/or giving them each a turn in their own crate will help them get acclimated to each other. If the dogs are relaxed around each other during the next week, they can start to spend some social time together, dragging leashes and under direct supervision. When finally letting your dogs get together, keep in mind some dogs can be protective over things like toys, bones, food bowls(even if empty), and their people.

Feeding your dogs separately for the first few months is advised.

During decompression time, we highly recommend no long walks, car rides, pet store excursions, parties, etc., until you know your dog's behavior and know that they are ready. Over abundance of stimulation can be very stressful for a dog that still does not fully trust you yet.

Please be patient with your new dog, some house training may be required, even if a dog is already house trained they will need to be shown where to eliminate. Accidents may happen, please don’t overreact or think that they are doing it “on purpose”.

If you have a fenced in yard, remember that your new dog may be able to jump higher than you think! Keep them supervised until you know they are comfortable and they can’t escape.

Be sure to teach your children, and any child that may visit, never to hit, tease, frighten, pull, or poke any part of your dog. Screaming around your dog should be discouraged. While a child is eating they should be sitting at a table away from your dog, doggos love food and might not realize that there are little fingers holding it. Please supervise your child with your new dog at all times.

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