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Hulk is an aptly named stafford/terrier mix, approximately 2 years old. He is super high energy, and need a home with room for him to rock and roll! He would do best with someone who has a very active lifestyle.

He wants to play with other dogs, but tends to be a little “in your face” at times, so we suggest super slow introductions over time. He is very strong, so either a household with older kids or no kids would be preferred.

He is crate trained, and house trained. He will need work on manners and leash training, but with the right person who is willing to work with him he would be the perfect addition to your life! Our Cleo girl is a little bit of a chunky butt…it happens to the best of us gals, right? She will need to do some walking to trim up a bit. We estimate her weight at 60-70lbs. She is a lab pit mix, between 2-3 years old. She gets along with most dogs, but can be selective, so as always we stress slow and proper introductions! She will be re-tested for cats, but it is thought that she does not like them.

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