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Money is a priceless 8 year old blue American Pitbull terrier. We saved him off the euthanasia list, and brought him to Maine. He is at a foster home currently, patiently waiting for his forever family. He LOVES car rides and gets so excited when he sees anyone grab keys, he'd yell "shotgun" if he could! He needs tough toys, as he is a power chewer, and loves playing with peoples feet! He is a strong dog, and needs a firm hand while being walked, the foster is working on manners. He is very food motivated and super smart. Although he is dog friendly, (with SLOW and PROPER introductions) they are working on his training when meeting new dogs. He isn't aggressive, but very exciteable, and that can frighten other dogs and their owners. This is ongoing training that will need to be continued. His is cat reactive, so we don't reccomend a home with them. He is good with teenage kids, or small kids with supervision. (just because of his size) He is crate trained, but it needs to be strong, he shouldn't be left alone in the house until more training is conducted as he can be destructive. We recommend when he is being left that stimulation toys are used to keep him occupied. All in all, he is an absolute peach of a boy, sure to be someone's best friend!

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